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Glad you asked! At Motivo, we believe that the supervision match really matters, so the Video Intro Call is a short, 20-minute video call where you will get the chance to meet and ask questions you might have for one another. A member of the Motivo Customer Success Team will lead the introductions and facilitate the conversation, and will also be there to answer any questions you may have about Motivo specifically.


We have put together a list of questions that will help get the conversation started.

12 Questions to Ask A Supervisor

Congratulations! You’ve graduated with a degree in counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychology, or social work and are ready to start on the path to licensure. But finding the right supervisor can be a challenge. 

At Motivo, we know firsthand about the challenging path of getting licensed. Our CEO and Founder, Rachel, who is also an LMFT, chronicled her licensure story here. We like to call this time “pre-licensure purgatory.”

Whether you are working in private practice or you are looking to supplement the free supervision you are getting at an agency, Motivo is here to help you find the right supervisor, not just the one closest by.

Clinical Supervisor Therapy Psychology License 

Here are twelve questions we recommend asking a potential supervisor.

  1. What type of clients do you do your best work with?
  2. Do you utilize any particular modalities with clients? If so, can you tell me more about how you incorporate the modality into your work?
  3. Why did you choose to become a supervisor?
  4. How many people have you supervised?
  5. How would your supervisees describe your approach to supervision?
  6. How will you challenge me to become a better therapist?
  7. How will we incorporate self-of-the-therapist work in our supervision?
  8. Logistically, what days/times are you available for supervision?
  9. How should I handle questions that come up between sessions, in both emergency and non-emergency situations?
  10. How often will we review the licensure requirements in my state to ensure I am on track?
  11. Has your license ever been suspended or revoked by a state board?
  12. How many supervision hours can I anticipate collecting with you each month?

What other questions do you have about finding the right clinical supervisor?

Our community includes hundreds of therapists who can help with supervision hours, mentoring, or peer-to-peer consultation.

We’re here for your entire journey of the supervision process.


You can learn more about Motivo and how we connect pre-licensed therapists with supervisors both online and in real life by requesting a free introductory call. 

You can also check out our list of supervisors here


Motivo is here to answer any questions you have.