When Motivo is trying to email the address you provided they are bouncing back to us and not getting through to you. So ultimately we can not contact you as easily as preferred.


Often times the firewalls around emails are very high, not allowing our automated emails to reach your inbox. We would hate for you to miss out on important messages and promotions we are trying to send to you.


Whitelist our domain: @wearemotivo.com
  • If there is an IT person that manages your email domain, then I would reach out to them and make them aware of your problem. They should be able to handle your whitelisting request.
  • If you manage your own email, then it will depend on the email provider on how to whitelist. Every email provider has different whitelisting procedures & you will need to follow their exact directions. Here is a list of links for some of the more common providers, if you do not see yours listed easily type "whitelist emails with insert name of your provider" into the search engine of your choice.

For further support please contact support@wearemotivo.com